About DUNI Pilot Center

Keep/manage flight records with drone videos

  • Navigate flight records and drone videos at the same time.
  • Provide a badge to prove/appeal capabilities based on flight records.
  • Keep your flight records awesome for unlimited and free!

Embed compass into drone videos

  • You can easily check the direction of the drone in the videos.
  • Use in tourism and real estate sectors that require accurate directional information.
  • You can set the position, color, and azimuth of the compass.

Selling drone videos on behalf of you

  • Register drone videos that are left unattended or scheduled to be deleted.
  • If you upload the drone videos to the DUNI Pilot Center, DUNI will sell it on behalf of you.
  • You can make a profit by selling your awesome drone videos.

Convert GPS Location Address

  • Convert GPS coordinates to addresses and addresses to GPS coordinates.
  • Go to Convert

Coming soon

  • Automatically generate flight plans
    Just enter the address, flight plans for facility and land monitoring will be generated automatically.
  • Pilot APP.
    We distribute a drone pilot app that easily creates flight plan and supports automatic flight functions for free.

Make a profit from the drone videos!

Upload Drone Videos

Analysis of Drone Data

We help you collect/process/analyze various data such as images/records of drones, and develop hardware and software for data collection.

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Develop Drone Software

Do you have any idea or function you need for better drone activity? Ask for it now.

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